Momentum Commerce launches TikTok Shop solution in Malaysia

The global eCommerce enabler is at the forefront of driving social commerce through an end-to-end eCommerce solution

Momentum Commerce, a global eCommerce enabler, is now an authorised TikTok shop partner in Malaysia, helping Malaysian brands take advantage of the app’s astronomical user growth.

Momentum Commerce Chief Executive Officer Hans-Peter Ressel said, “The uniqueness of the TikTok Shop feature is its Shoppertainment offering that houses the full customer journey within the app. The hyper-relevant and customised content across TikTok, served based on users’ preferences and interests, delivers commerce that entertains, spurring brand discovery and action. 

“We initially explored the potential of TikTok Shop by testing the waters with a select number of our brands and as shopper interest snowballed quickly we were able to garner significant GMV for our brands in a single livestream, overtime strengthening their dominance in the market.”

The global eCommerce enabler sealed the partnership early this month, launching their offering with some of the biggest brands in its category namely NIVEA, Eucerin, Wardah and Al-Ikhsan Sports.

Since teaming up with Momentum Commerce, the Indonesian beauty and skincare giant, Wardah, has seen significant success on the platform, achieving a followers growth of 36X in 30 days from a combination strategy of livestream and short video and sales conversion optimised at above 5%. 

Social commerce is expected to grow more than 45% year-on-year and Momentum Commerce is providing an end-to-end eCommerce solution to help brands be early adopters and guide them through the uncharted territory as TikTok Shop remains a relatively new channel for brands.

Momentum Commerce has developed a 360-degree solution for every brand’s TikTok needs including end-to-end live streaming services, content creation, KOL and talent management, content marketing, PR and brand partnership, store management, logistics and fulfilment and seamless analytics solutions. 

They have also set up a full-fledged production studio that specialises in producing short video content and live streaming, equipped with a strong production team able to deliver high frequency, trending and niche content in-built with a strong sales mechanism. 

As part of the service, the eCommerce enabler also offers proprietary Smart AI Technology Solutions to all its clients via its technology arm, Sellercraft. The solution helps streamline order and inventory management, track order fulfilment across multiple channels and provide data driven insight to monitor and optimise business performance on the fly.

Sellercraft Founder and CEO Kevin Lee said: Our Solutions deliver strong brand-consumer relationships and increase brand influence to execute instant conversion. All brands that use our solution can expect seamless operations from stock management, fulfilment, and Smart business insights via this first API Integration with TikTok.”