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Momentum Commerce provides end-to-end

e-Commerce services & solutions that create a bridge between brands, channels and consumers

Momentum Brand Strategy


We at Momentum channels data-driven insights through your marketing funnel to maximise traffic & conversions, to create the perfect return of investment & campaign management strategy.


Performance Marketing

We are committed to leverage digital benefits and maximise your reach, for more significant and diversified audience.

Branding and PR

We strengthen your brand’s core values and place strategic communications to bring your brand to central of attention.


Our target is for your brand to participate and excel in every campaign curated by your own brand, our team, and the diverse eCommerce channels.


Wardah 100k Milestone

With bespoke strategies, we managed to boost our brand-partner’s TikTok account from 301 followers to to 100,000 followers in span of 3 months.

Ways to implement TikTok to make your brand more successful

Tik Tok has become one of the hottest social media trends for businesses today. Now is the perfect time for a deep dive into the platform. Become an early adaptor of the market-changing tool and benefit from its unique features.

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